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Defusing: A 20-45 minute group process, conducted within the first 12 hours of a critical incident. Usually with single work units.

One-on-One: Working with individuals who prefer not to participate in a group and are with two peers or one peer and one mental health professional.

Debriefing: A Seven phase, structured group process usually conducted 24-72 hours after a critical incident. Debriefings may be offered for single work units or multi-agency groups.

On-Scene Support: Advisement and support to Command Staff and personnel operating at the scene of an emergency.

Referral: Provision of additional resources for emergency services personnel impacted by a critical incident.

Demobilization: A brief stress management process involving education, rest and nutrition used at the scene of large-scale disasters and emergencies.  The demobilization process is implemented through the incident Command System as personnel are discharged from the scene.

To contact us for emergency intervention services:

Please Call 440-703-3500 Ask for Cuyahoga County CISM

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week




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